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My name is Ryan Knuppel — but I’m known in most circles as “Knup” (nupe, noop, newp). I’m a father of 3, husband of 1, friend of many, sports investing fan, DFS player, Cardinal fan, online grinder, and online entrepreneur.

This site will serve as my online home. My hub. My home base. My GO TO SPOT for people to keep up on what is going on in my life. This will not be a blog, it will simply contain links to anything and everything I’m doing online.

I have a personal blog, a small business website, entrepreneur ventures, and many other online projects. If you want to see what I’m doing — start at and it will be updated with how and where you can find me. Also, please “join my tribe” if you are interested in receiving an email when new things pop up in my online life.

Email KnupFirst thing’s first. I use gmail for everything. If you want to contact me and guarantee I see it — email me at!

If you want to find me on social media you can start with these key accounts below:

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  • Facebook Entrepreneur/Business: Ryan Knuppel
  • Snapchat: knup4 or screenshot the snapcode on the right
  • Periscope: RyanKnuppel
  • Skype: rknuppel
  • MapMyFitness: Ryan Knuppel (track my running, biking and weight)

I have setup this site by the different passions in my life. 1) Entrepreneur 2) Sports 3) Health & Wellness 4) Personal — Continue reading about each of these areas of my life.


This is the area most people are interested in. As some of you know, I worked in the corporate world at Caterpillar for 15 years. When I was laid off in 2015, I opted to take my online business that was previously a hobby, and turn it into a full time business!

It had been my dream to do this! So now I’m doing it. But nobody quite understands “WHAT” I do. I get asked these questions all the time…

  • What exactly do you do?
  • How do you get to do so many fun things?
  • Do you ever work?
  • What types of “web stuff” do you do?

All questions I get all the time, and this website will help show you the multiple streams of income I have going on. My life as an online entrepreneur is always a hustle and grind. I work early in the morning, late at night, and sometimes all through the day. But when I choose, I can take those days off and only work early and late. That’s a huge benefit of this “work from home” lifestyle.



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Knup Solutions Website Knup Solutions Faceboook

Knup Solutions LLC — This is one of my service businesses. I have been operating this business “as a hobby” since April 6, 2011. Knup Solutions is dedicated solely to gambling websites services.

We offer copywriting, editing, publishing, social media management, full website management, email marketing and more. We are 100% dedicated to helping gambling websites (sports betting, online poker and online casino) grow!

If you are interested in working with my company on any of your web projects — contact Knup Solutions!

Simple Grind logoSimpleGrind website SimpleGrind Podcast Ryan Knuppel Facebook talks about — The goal of SimpleGrind is to show people that living a simple life is possible. But you still have to grind things out to reach your goals. It’s a lifestyle blog full of tips, motivation, successes and failures in this thing we call life.

Many online entrepreneurs talk about “hustling 24×7”. Well that’s not me. I believe in balancing your life with your work. You are not defined by your work. You have family, friends, health, sleep and more to balance with your work.

I left the corporate world in search of a “simpler life”. Simple Grind talks about how you can simplify your life by creating a more flexible work schedule. Work when you want and where you want. Don’t be tied to a 9 to 5 schedule.

The blog contains timeless tips that hopefully will motivate people in the areas of business, fitness, health and family. It also contains personal stories that documents my business transformation from corporate (work for the man) to entrepreneur (work for myself). Along with my goal of moving from a complicated life to a simple life.

Do you have dreams of living a simpler life? I’d love to connect with all of you and hear your story. Sign up for my free email list (Simple Grind Tribe) and let’s help each other!


Sports is probably my #1 passion in life. I have always been interested and into sports betting as an industry. I think of it more as “sports investing” but that’s another story. Lately, Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has become a huge interest of mine. I am also very much interested in youth sports and sharing tips in that area. Finally, the St. Louis Cardinals are the one and only team I’m truly dedicated to in sports! Keep reading for all the projects I’m involved with in the sports niche.


Knup Sports website Knup Sports facebookTwitter for Knup Sports Email Knup Sports — Sports has always been my biggest passion. On top of that, it’s my brother, dad and sons favorite thing as well. We have all spent countless hours talking about and writing about sports all over the web.

It was time to bring that all under one spot. Knup Sports was launched to help everyone make money following sports. It covers sports betting tips, DFS advice, random money making opportunities in the sports world.

But best of all, it’s not your standard blog. It’s a one page website and we are delivering killer FREE CONTENT all over social media. Head over to and see what we have to offer!

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Betting Blogger website Betting Blogger facebookTwitter for Betting Blogger Email Betting Blogger — Betting Blogger was my first site in the sports betting industry. I did thousands of picks, tips and previews for games back several years ago. It kinda fizzled out and now is more of a timeless site of generalized sports betting tips.

I’m working hard to add evergreen content to this site. Strategy, Tips on how to make money sports betting, reviews of the best sports betting sites, links to resources and picks that will help the bankroll.

If you are interested in sports betting at all, please connect with me over at Betting Blogger and say hello!


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DraftBank website DraftBank Facebook DraftBank Twitter — Daily Fantasy Sports is one of my passions. I love playing FanDuel. Love playing nearly all sports. I’ve had some success with it to as I won $10,000 in the DraftKings Hockey Light the Lamp contest.

I also won a trip to the Playboy Mansion to compete in the 2015 NBA FanDuel Championships where I finished in the top 50. What a great experience.

DraftBank was my first site in this niche and is a resource site for DFS. I have many other plans and sites in the works so “join my tribe” here and I will email you when I release anything new in the DFS world.


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CardinalsGM Website CardinalsGM Facebook Twitter for CardinalsGM — I love sports. And people always ask me “who are your teams”. I only have one answer. The St. Louis Cardinals are the only team I really care about. I’m a diehard Cardinals fan.

CardinalsGM has been around since November, 2006! It’s a blog about the St. Louis Cardinals. I don’t actively write here at the moment — but my dad does. He has taken complete ownership for the day to day operations of the site. I just help keep it afloat.

If you are a Cardinals fan — please follow CGM on Facebook or Twitter!

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HistoryOfCardinals website History of Cardinals Facebook History of Cardinals Twitter — This site is another one that I don’t write on. My dad is a Cardinals history buff. He is passionate about it and has put a lot of time into creating “THE BEST WEBSITE DEVOTED TO ST. LOUIS CARDINALS HISTORY”.

He has put together year by year and day by day history for the team. He also sends out a weekly email newsletter with some touch-points on “this week in Cardinals history”. Subscribe to that here if you are interested in Cardinals history.

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wordpress Cubs Suck Club Facebook Cubs Suck Club Twitter — So don’t crucify me Cub fans. This site gave me my very first taste of internet marketing success back in March of 2005. Being originally from Central Illinois, there are many Cardinal fans and many Cubs fans. I gathered a number of pictures about the Cubs losing and put them in one spot. Before you know it, my site went viral. It now has 20,000+ Facebook fans and gets great traffic. I don’t dedicate my time to it anymore but it is a big part of my online history 🙂 Plus, the Cubs really do still suck!


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StubNation website Twitter for Ryan Knuppel — This is my ticket site. If you are looking to buy tickets online, start at! Sports tickets, concert tickets and more!


An area I’m always interested in but have not done a ton in this space. Will ramp up my activity in this niche at some point in my life.

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PRP Treatments website PRPTreatments directory PRPTreatments Twitter PRPTreatments Facebook Join the PRPTreatments Email List — I’d consider this one of my best “sites” that I have created from scratch with a buddy. He is very passionate and educated on PRP Treatments.

We have put together the BEST resource about PRP on the internet. It has tons of articles written by some of the top doctors in the nation. It also has a PRP directory meant to help patients find doctors that perform PRP therapy.

A couple “sister sites” in this niche that I own and operate are and Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments.

header-personal logo websitePersonal Facebook for Ryan Knuppel — This is my personal home and blog. No business on — all personal! I talk about my life, my kids, my family, where I live, my travels, sports and more!

Come hang out with me and get to know Knup as a person. I have also created websites for each of my three kids. They aren’t fully developed yet but they are a constant work in progress. You can find them at: | |